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The Star Wars: Clones Timeline

A series by Joev14, written from the viewpoint of a clone trooper named Ace, as he grows up as a clone through both the Republic and Imperial Eras, and struggles to figure out what path he should follow.

There are five books in the series, plus a prequel about Hammer, a Republic Commando that was briefly seen in Book 2. The first three cover the Republic Era, from 23 BBY - 19 BBY. The last two books cover the Imperial Era, from 0 ABY - 4 ABY. The series is followed by another, Star Wars: Generations.

Book 1: Tales of a Shiny (September-October 2012)

Book 2: Cover Fire (November-December 2012)

Book 3: Empire Rising (January-February 2013)

Book 4: Decisions (March-April 2013)

Book 5: Consequences (April-May 2013)

Hammer's Prequel: Dark Depths (June-August 2013)